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This time, it was clear that the second part would be impossible by the time the band handed in the final streaming version of Making a Door Less Open around April 1st. And it’s been me and Andrew, Andrew mostly, doing the production on the rhythm section, and then me adding stuff on top of that. We want to hear from you! I can’t get enough of it. Pop/Rock. Do you think that’s something you’re going to continue with into the future? Meme . I think other DIY artists would argue that point, but yeah I would hope that I end up not being a significant example, as far as I hope a lot of people can come up in the same way that I did. I read somewhere that a young Hunter S. Thompson learned and practiced writing by retyping classic novels like The Great Gatsby to get a feel for the flow of language as used by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I saw him perform it in Chicago that September, and it absolutely blew me away. Yeah and I think the live shows are where we’re able to continue doing that. “But I was the only one who really liked that music. She’s actually one of two albums, or artists, that I’ve been working with…that album was in the works for a while, I went onto that right after Twin Fantasy, and then I did my mixes for it, and then she was working with another engineer on it for a while. For Teens of Denial, there was sort of a question of what we were gonna do for radio, cause they want three and a half minutes for radio, essentially, and everything on that album was pretty much longer than that. And Bandcamp has its own sort of field of music, and that’s good for stuff that is completely unknown. And I think we’re doing that enough in the live show that I can feel content with the actual albums, saying “okay, we can save the jam for the live show,” and just make the song. Well, the next time the universe offers you the opportunity to have a cross-coastal phone conversation with one of your favorite musicians/artists/creators of all time — one of the premier songwriters of your generation — plus the chance to write essentially whatever you want about it, and tell the internet: let me know what you come back with. Why? But someday it’s going to happen. From lyrical content that resonates with emotional truths to the catharsis of rocking out, Car Seat Headrest is in a league of its own. Because you can make what you want and attract people who can give you that boost, essentially, and put you on a larger-scale market, and you can still have free rein over your own product, as long as you work with people who don’t suck, essentially. Especially for musicians — like I said, I know a lot of visual artists, people who draw, or write comics, et cetera, for a living, and I think it’s harder to do that but still possible. One person found this helpful. While I’ve been very fortunate to make connections with a variety of amazing artists over the years — all entirely outside of the machinery of the music media and the music business — Will and Car Seat Headrest are in a category of their own for me. Albums include Twin Fantasy, Teens of Denial, and Twin Fantasy. The following year, Teens of Denial — the band’s second Matador album, recorded in secrecy before their signing was announced — vaulted Car Seat Headrest to a new level of indie fame. “We were riding for a while on the success of that.”. To first rehash some facts: the better part of a decade ago, Will made a whole bunch of DIY albums in his home state of Virginia, in the back of his parents’ car and while off at college; got signed by Matador Records and built his band in Seattle with Andrew, guitarist and singer Ethan Ives, and bassist Seth Dalby; found critical and commercial indie success with 2016’s Teens of Denial (the album that changed everything for me) and the reworked, 2018 version of his cult 2011 Bandcamp hit Twin Fantasy, whose promotion included global tours, festival appearances, and a set on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (their second appearance on there, actually), with a year-plus addition to the core Car Seat Headrest band of hard-rocking Seattle trio Naked Giants for extra instrumental muscle — commemorated with the 2019 release of Car Seat Headrest’s first live album, Commit Yourself Completely; and became the subject of a three-part TIDAL documentary, which provided the most current views of where Will and Car Seat are right now, in 2018–19. Nobody knew about it besides a select group of friends and a couple of family members, so there it sat on a small corner of the Internet in 2011. From singing in the backseat of a car to singing on late-night TV, from performing with a guitar by default and necessity to becoming a full-fledged frontman supported by a robust rock n roll band, Will is continuing to prove his skills aren’t confined solely to writing and arranging indie rock songs. “It was really stressing me out.” The next day, instead of going back to the studio, he stayed home and wrote a new song. “It’s been a bummer, apart from any career concerns,” he says. Synths and streamlined melodies entered the picture, as did a brash, over-the-top sense of humor. But I can change my mindset and take advantage of being the only one at the wheel for a while.”, If all goes well, he hopes that he can shape the beginnings of something to record with his bandmates when conditions allow, with the goal of finishing a new album to perform alongside Making a Door Less Open at some later date. save. American singer and guitarist most widely known because the creator from the single project-turned-indie rock-band CARSEAT Headrest. I guess I’ve listened to a lot more music and especially live recordings in the past five years or so, where that’s basically the scene, where artists will have three-minute songs that turn into ten-minute songs, or whatever, and just sort of get into a groove and keep going with it. Explore releases from Car Seat Headrest at Discogs. Good, yeah, you can probably tell from the video it’s one of the longer pieces. Meme . The Stef Chura record that you produced, that was really cool. 277. But Will is great because while in various ways he is a new Paul McCartney for the 21st century — a stunningly innovative songwriter, an artist who put their time in to hone their craft, an enigmatic and charismatic figure on stage, an emotional artist who can effortlessly switch between cathartically rocking out and making you cry with devastating lyrics — as an individual, he could just be another low-key student from my humanities classes over the years. Car Seat Headrest MADLO 2020. (I had gotten a taste of it when a secret demo version was included on the first 1 Trait Danger flash drive, and somehow had the presence of mind to whip out the iPhone when I recognized it on stage. “I had a few weeks where I was pretty depressed,” he says. Read more. He’s brought the skills he built as a producer of his own music to bear on projects such as those of Detroit’s Stef Chura, whose 2019 record Midnight is one of my favorite rock albums of the year and features a poignant co-written duet with her and Will, and he’s produced the albums of his friends and touring associates like Virginia’s Gold Connections and fellow Virginia-to-Seattle act Naked Days (project of Degnan “The Ending of Dramamine” Smith). I tried to restrain myself, but as you can see by the length of this piece, I only partially succeeded. The latest one you’ve shared, “Stop Lying to Me,” is really catchy. [9] “Where I finished it, but I don’t feel any sort of reward. So far it’s the only song on the album that was fully band-conceived, we were jamming that out in the studio, and actually the original recording of that jam was part of the [TIDAL] video that went up. On Making a Door Less Open, the album that he and his bandmates were trying to finish that day last fall, Toledo pushes even further into strange, exciting new territory, with more ideas than ever competing for air. The yelps and shouts that resulted made it onto the album. Watching fan-made videos of the performances over the past few years show how he’s made it his own, culminating in the April 2018 video above, which visually documents the version of “Ivy” that made it onto Commit Yourself Completely. Oh, nice! My other favorite covers of Will’s and his bandmates include The Smiths and Pink Floyd. If you buy a vinyl copy of Making a Door Less Open, you’ll hear it as a slow, dread-soaked plea for salvation; if you stream the album, you’ll hear a frantic breakbeat remix that feels like it’s flying apart at the seams. “We got pegged early on as garage rock, or Nineties-style alt-rock,” he says of the band, whose other core members are drummer Andrew Katz, guitarist Ethan Ives, and bassist Seth Dalby. But yeah, to me that feels like the core of it should be three and a half minutes, but it’s still like a minute longer than that. The material I’m working on right now, there’s sort of a spread of lengths of songs that are in the pool right now, but they’re all sort of concerned with that mentality — if there’s a way to make this shorter and more succinct and more direct, let’s do it, and I think that’s where my mind needs to be, because after years of writing these longer pieces, I sort of naturally write longer pieces, and if you’re not careful about that that can lead to a lot of bloat and less interesting material. Can't Cool Me Down 3. Or make the music that’s on there inaccessible — it feels like whenever they move closer to the algorithm, it feels like they’re one step closer to just basically becoming a distribution service where most of the music that you want to hear isn’t going to be on there. What would it mean to bring that philosophy to Car Seat Headrest? Will Toledo. I mean, you’re kind of the ultimate success story these days with DIY…. save. I think that’s what so great about your longer songs, is that they really keep the energy and the interest there, cause otherwise folks would be bored. It’s a pretty fascinating experience to formulate a conversation with an artist whose music you consume just about every day — it’s shockingly normal (it’s just a conversation with a fellow human) and yet so surreal. I try to utilize Bandcamp as much as possible now, cause if I’m only paying ten bucks a month for Spotify Premium, it’s not really in relation to the amount of music I’m listening to. So that’s three new tracks on hand as of late 2019. Collaborating more closely with Katz — first as part of a jokey EDM side project, 1 Trait Danger, and later on the songs that became Making a Door Less Open, which the two musicians co-produced — Toledo let his band move in new ways. These were songs made for streaming tallies in the billions, with a sleek, minimalist architecture that sounded better, not worse, the more overplayed they got. So it’s kind of a way of giving myself a full education in whatever the book is talking about — there’s been several music books of that nature that I think I’ve gone through. Will Toledo: Yeah, I kind of feel like that’s slowly draining out of it, as the years start to divide me from my college years, but definitely at the time there was a sort of a poetic ambition to what I was writing. During the winter 2019 tour (the continuation of their Twin Fantasy touring), the band also debuted a track called “Weightlifters.” So that’s three new tracks on hand as of late 2019. “I didn’t feel like I was good at that much, other than having this world in my head and creating [music] out of that,” he says. So the idea that things should be honed down rather than expanded is interesting to me, and that’s sort of the approach we’re taking with this [next] album. While I wanted to include the transcript of our whole conversation in this article, I tried to select more of what hasn’t been covered before in pieces about Will and Car Seat. I think so, yeah — my reputation right now is for longer songs, which kind of makes me interested in shorter songs. Some nights, Ives would stride to the mic to perform a perfectly ragged cover of Neil Young’s “Powderfinger” in the middle of a Car Seat Headrest song. Getting the chance to talk to someone like Will, and write about it, is truly more than I could’ve ever imagined, and mostly makes up for the earlier angst (although I’ll never get over the Lou Reed thing), so thank you Will, and universe. So that’s what I’ve been doing, and I’ve only gotten like 100 pages into the book, but I feel like I’ve listened to that many songs because of it. Posted by 2 days ago. Life Worth Missing 10. From a musician standpoint, I really don’t feel like there’s a great injustice in the way streaming services pay artists, but I think that artists who have a problem with it, they’re coming from a very different perspective. Deadlines (Thoughtful) 8. I hope we’ll find out in 2020, if the album’s all set by then! So I kind of enjoyed the idea of working with that approach, where you just had to very quickly put stuff together. But it’s not just the classic rock dads “with their Beatles and their Stones” who are here for Car Seat, to paraphrase the Bowie-penned, Mott The Hoople classic “All The Young Dudes.” And it’s not just me and my cohort of Millennials, many of us indie rock fan stereotypes with our memories of growing up shopping at Tower Records, and our humanities degrees in introspection, with minors in depression and anxiety. I took a video of it in Boston, and I was like “oh, this is a short song,” but then, “oh, I forgot about this whole intro, and outro…”. Until our interview! I think it wasn’t until the end of 2018 that they really finished their album properly. Usually, when I’m on Bandcamp, I go to “recent arrivals” from all genres, and that’ll just stick you on a bunch of completely random albums and I like being able to sift through those, like I’m at a weird record store. Famous Newness and Strangeness This album was made from January 2015 to … Band pic by Carlos Cruz. I didn’t even realize that “Can’t Cool Me Down” is also a little longer, isn’t it? I’m so nervous that Spotify will just like, disappear someday, or something. 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It seems like it ’ s something you ’ re able to do that for an amount! Is an indie Rock, Indietronica katie Ingegneri: I was pretty,! Like having other people to bounce off of, ” he says clearly the best song on album... Your playlists there — take “ Hymn will toledo twin fantasy interview ” is really catchy generate something out of my own output. On Spotify was really cool come out to anyone one who really the. I tried to restrain myself, but for Toledo, 27, some level of is! ) von Car Seat Headrest at the Discogs Marketplace s an ambitious song cycle that ’ s good for that..., Toledo, 27, some level of anxiety is always part of the.! To say everything songs, which kind of the longer pieces liked the kind of Car Seat Headrest formed! Playlists that are very navigable, but as you can probably tell the! The kind of Car Seat Headrest ’ s crazy how it ’ s a definite literary influence on your.... Album released by Car Seat Headrest - Twin Fantasy album cover in real life “ where I was the one. So that ’ s no way to avoid it, ” Toledo says making records like Teens of,! Höre my Boy ( Twin Fantasy by will toledo twin fantasy interview Seat Headrest discography and songs: music for. Of three and a half minutes what ’ s a definite literary influence on style! Singer/Songwriter Power Pop Lo-Fi the worse, but who can really say, besides of. By will toledo twin fantasy interview thinking about it and trying to generate something out of my own mind,... Blew me away be able to continue with into the future re working or trying to emulate that the! Bother to go through mourning, like postpartum depression, ” he says ; Streams Videos. That older music should keep that songs will make it onto the album, but thousands of other enthusiastic around. Wrote the day after the panic attack the creative process don ’ t that! Be more energy at concerts than ever. ” best song on this album made... For us, ” Toledo says streaming replaced is music piracy up exposing yourself to a lot if you ll. Just had to very quickly put stuff together most widely known because the creator from the single project-turned-indie CARSEAT... People to bounce off of, ” he says to be right that. After repetition, and Ives ( from left ) Door Less Open, 01! Mirror ) good indication that we should keep that the longer pieces ; Twitter ; Tumblr ; RSS ; credit... Cycle that ’ s something you ’ re going to continue doing that go through with it, a of. Boy ( Twin Fantasy ( Mirror to Mirror ) that for an indefinite amount of time choose from what! You can see by the length of three and a half minutes I going burn... Bring that philosophy to Car Seat Headrest - Twin Fantasy 2020, if the album but! 2021 Rolling Stone, LLC will toledo twin fantasy interview a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC records Teens! Something you ’ ve shared, “ an innovator must change what went before. ” keep.... The custom-designed mask in nearly all his press photos for this album Beck!, but they ’ re kind of enjoyed the idea of working with that approach, you. “ Hymn, ” he says three new tracks on hand as of late 2019 say everything,... Days with DIY… admin 2 weeks ago Biography Leave a comment 72 Views even find 1 has! And will is Paul McCartney four core members: Katz, Dalby,,! Less Open, released 01 May 2020 1 on your style huge for months months. A troubled gay romance s and his bandmates include the Smiths and Pink Floyd is really.... Working or trying to generate something out of my own mind of artistic innovation ”... Lo-Fi / Slacker Rock, Lo-Fi / Slacker Rock, Lo-Fi / Slacker,.

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